About - Clara Cutbill Photography

Hello! My name is Clara Georgia Cutbill. I was born and raised in Los Angeles with my parents and two older brothers. I am now a theatre student based in Boston at Northeastern University. I discovered my love for theatre when I starred as the ladybug in my elementary school’s production of Bugz the musical. I started photography in middle school to keep my Myspace page updated. Since then, my love for photography has only grown. I have worked as a photojournalism intern for an online publication in Spain and for Education First in China. I have also worked as an assistant photographer for Katie Shuler Photography. I love traveling and previously lived in Dublin, Ireland before moving to Boston. In my spare time, I like to go on hikes, cuddle my dog, and drink way too much coffee. My pug Blanche has her own instagram that you can check out here.  

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